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As many folks in Bowling Green know (and for those who don’t), since the City’s first year of Select Neighborhood Action Program (SNAP) grant cycle in 1999, we have been careful to monitor the progress of the grants along with their effectiveness for neighborhood groups.  This has meant adjusting the budget and/or program guidelines from time to time to reflect the timely needs of the City’s own budgetary pressures, along with the evolving needs of neighborhood groups themselves.  Last year, for the first time ever, we suspended SNAP and replaced it with a Flexible Neighborhood Grant program.  We’re continuing with this FLEXIBLE program again this year.

As the name implies, this replacement program is meant to offer flexibility to organizations to be able to address timely needs and opportunities reflective of the times we find ourselves in today.  The program guidelines and application are greatly streamlined, and each application will be evaluated on its own merit during this time frame. Virtually any project that would have been eligible under SNAP remains eligible under this replacement program.

A key value of the Flexible Neighborhood Grant program is the idea of pilot projects and/or temporary projects.  In acknowledging the importance of short term and/or temporary projects, we are promoting some of the “testing” ideas that may be more impactful now than ever, as promoted by such leading organizations as the following:

None of us know how COVID-19 will continue to influence our public life into next fiscal year, but we am certain that a flexible approach to supporting our neighbors will be necessary.  The replacement guidelines and an online application process can be found on our website here:  https://www.bgky.org/neighborhoods/flexible-neighborhood-grant.  Anyone awarded a Flexible Neighborhood Grant will sign a grant agreement with conditions specific to their particular request. Applications are open now with no current deadline.  Reviews of applications will occur on a rolling basis, but grant funds will not be available to be approved until later in July.

If you have additional questions you can reach out to Karen Foley at karen.foley@bgky.org.